Bots & programmatic repository access

Bots enable access to projects without using user credentials. Helix TeamHub can securely grant program access to projects using either a bot's credentials, SSH keys, or API keys.

TeamHub supports the following types of bots:

Privilege Guest  Developer  Master Company admin
Create and update build events ¬†✓
Read repositories
Write to repositories [1]
Merge code reviews [2]
Write to protected branches
Manage users and collaborators
Manage groups and members

[1] Master or admin role is required for writing to a protected branch.

[2] Master or admin role is required for merging a code review where the destination branch is protected.

Managing bots

Normal bots can be created by users, assigned to projects by project admins, and assigned to repositories by repository admins. Owners of the bot can manage the bot and its credentials, while members can only access them.

Public bots are visible to everyone. Private bots are only visible to owners and members. Collaborators can only see bots. Company admin bots are only available to company admins.

Creating a new bot

Perform the following steps to create a new bot:

  1. Navigate to the Bots view in the company scope and click the plus icon to the right of the search field to open the Create bot form.

    Creating a bot

  2. In the Create bot form, provide the following information:

    • Short name: Username for the bot.
    • Password: Password for the bot. Leaving the field empty will generate a random password. Bot users can view the password in the bot settings form.
    • Company admin bot: Select to create a company admin bot instead of a normal bot. This option is only available for company admins and cannot be changed after creation.
    • Private bot: Select to hide bot from other users.

After creating a bot, you can manage its settings (excluding Company admin bot status) from the bot settings from or the Bot > Users view. To access the settings, click the cogwheel icon next to the bot name in the Bots tab. You can also delete the bot using the settings form.

Bot settings

Bot settings

You can manage the username, password, and visibility of the bot (public or private) from the Details section.

Bots can have multiple SSH keys, which you can manage from the SSH Keys section. Helix TeamHub supports ssh-rsa, ssh-ed25519, and ecdsa keys.

The Account Key and Company Key of the bot are locatedin the API Keys section. These keys are required when you use the bot with integrations and for API access.

Bot users

After creating a bot, you can manage its users from the Bots > Users view. To access this view, click a bot in the Bots tab.

Bot users

When you add users to bots, they can have one of the following roles:

Updated on: 19 December 2017