Collaborator accounts

Collaborator accounts allow you to invite external collaborators or contractors, such as freelance designers, researchers, or simply engineering workforce, to work on your projects temporarily. Any Helix TeamHub user can invite external collaborators to the company by providing their email address. The invited collaborators receive an email with a link for setting their initial password. After selecting a password, TeamHub automatically signs them in.

Collaborator accounts are subject to restrictions. Collaborators can:

Invite new collaborators

To invite a new collaborator:

  1. In the project's Team tab, click the plus icon to the right of the search field and select Add Collaborators.

    Add collaborators

  2. In the Add project collaborators form, click Invite a new collaborator.

  3. In the Invite a new collaborator form, enter an email address. Optionally, specify an alternative e-mail address for registration purposes and provide information in the Username, First name, and Last name fields.

    Invite collaborators

  4. Click Invite.

    TeamHub adds the user name (if specified) or email address to the list of collaborators.

Next, you need to add the collaborator to the project.

Add project collaborators

To add a collaborator to a project:

  1. In the Add project collaborators form, select one or more collaborators from the list. A green check mark appears next to the selected collaborators.
  2. Click Add with Developer role, or click the up arrow to the right to select a different role, such as Guest or Master.

    TeamHub adds the collaborator to the Team tab > Collaborators view.

Add collaborators

Delete project collaborators

To remove a collaborator from the project:

  1. In the Team tab > Collaborators view, click the role of the collaborator you want to remove.
  2. In the Select role form, select Remove from project.
  3. Click Select and confirm your select.

    TeamHub removes the collaborator from the project.

Updated on: 19 December 2017