Getting started

Welcome aboard! This guide will get you started on using Helix TeamHub.

Upon first login you'll land on the My Dashboard view. From there you can quickly access your favorite projects, and see open issues or code reviews you are part of.

Navigation in Helix TeamHub happens in three scopes:

Company scope

In company scope, you can manage your company and its projects, users, collaborators, groups, bots and hooks.

Company scope can be accessed from the header bar by clicking on the top-left icon, or your company's name. Note that access to company scope is restricted from collaborators [0].

Project scope

Project scope is activated whenever you access or create a new project. In Helix TeamHub, each project is an isolated entity with its own team, repositories, milestones and so on. Projects are created on top of the company. The project's team, for example, is formed by granting access to individual company users, collaborators, groups or bots, and giving them appropriate project roles [1].

Side menu

The side menu on the left will adjust to the scope you are in:

Company Scope
Company Scope Menu
Project Scope
Project Scope Menu

Quick actions in the header enable access to common creative actions in Helix TeamHub. The avatar dropdown has useful links and lets you access the user preferences.

Quick Actions (adjusts to scope)
Quick Actions
User Preferences

That's it - we hope you enjoy using Helix TeamHub!

For more information on different user profiles and roles in Helix TeamHub, see:

Updated on: 19 December 2017