Groups make it easier to manage project and repository roles for multiple users at the same time. Groups can contain only user accounts. Nested groups are not supported.

Creating a new group

Follow these steps to create a new group:

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab in the company scope and click the plus icon to the right of the search field to open the New group form.

    User preferences highlighted in user menu

  2. Provide the following information:

    • Name: Enter a human readable name for the group.
    • Short name: Enter a human readable identifier for the group. TeamHub automatically generates the short name from the name. You can modify it before creating the group, but once the group exists, you cannot change it.
    • Visible to members only: Select to hide the group's members and details from other users.
    • Include LDAP group members: Select to bring up LDAP group identifier input for mapping an LDAP group to the Helix TeamHub group by using either the distinguished name (dn) or the common name (cn) of the LDAP group. You can use this option with LDAP authentication, or when users are synchronized from LDAP. Only users that exist in Helix TeamHub are linked to the group.
    • Description: (Optional) Enter a free-form description for the group.

After creating the group, you can manage these settings (except for Short name) from the group settings form (Groups tab > click cogwheel icon next to the group name) or from the Groups > Members view (only visible if you are an admin). Admin users can also delete a group using the group settings form.

Group members

After creating a group, you can manage its members by navigating to the Groups > Members view from the Groups tab. In the Groups tab, click the group whose members you want to view or manage.

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Groups have two categories of members: direct members and linked members. Members of both categories behave the same way regarding privileges assigned to the group, but only direct members can be managed from the UI.

Direct members

Direct members can have one of the following roles:

Linked members

Linked members behave the same way as users with the Member role, but you cannot manage their group membership from the UI. Instead, you manage linked members on the external LDAP directory. You can also add a linked member as a direct member to the group to grant the Administrator role for the group.

Updated on: 19 December 2017