Compare view

TeamHub lets you compare two revisions of a branch. By default, TeamHub compares a revision to the default base branch. If a difference between revisions is significant, TeamHub displays the following message to indicate that code changes are hidden: This diff is too large to display and has been truncated. You may view the entire diff locally.

To compare two revisions:

  1. Select the revision that you want to compare and click the Compare to another revision button, as shown in the following figure.

    Compare to another revision

  2. If you prefer to compare to a base other than the default base branch, select a different base from the compare list.

  3. Click the plus icon next to a file name to expand the changes, or click Expand all at the top of the list to expand all changes at once. Note: This operation may be slow for larger changesets.

    By default, Inline view shows diffs inline. If you prefer to view changes side by side, click Side by side above the list.

    Side by side comparison view


In addition to viewing raw changes between revisions on the Changes tab, you can see commit difference on the Commits tab.

Commits comparison view

Updated on: 19 December 2017