User Profiles & authentication

User profiles

There are three types of users in Helix TeamHub: company admins, normal users, and collaborators. Company admins have access to all the information inside your company. Normal users can access public company data and private projects they have been granted access to. Collaborators can only access projects they have been granted access to.

Each person using Helix TeamHub within your company has a Helix TeamHub user profile. As Helix TeamHub is keen on storing information on who does what, your public profile is a way for others to see how you contribute to projects and what your expertise is.

You should always keep your profile up to date, including a photo of yourself, so others can recognize and contact you when needed.

Logging in

All access rights controlled by Helix TeamHub are tied to your account. You can log into Helix TeamHub in one of three ways:

The first two use HTTP. They are used in and other Helix TeamHub services. When using SSH key(s) for repository access, the username is always hth. When accessing repositories using SSH protocol, only SSH key(s) can be used for authentication and authorization. When accessing repositories using HTTP protocol, the username can be found either from the clone URL or from user preferences.

When using version control or other developer services, you can also use SSH keys for faster connections and to authenticate without typing your password each time you contact Helix TeamHub. Each device has its own SSH key which you can connect to your Helix TeamHub account in your settings.

Configuring SSH keys

In order to use SSH keys for repository access, you need to add your public key(s) to Helix TeamHub. SSH keys are managed under user preferences. You can open your user preferences by clicking the user avatar at the top right of the screen.

User preferences highlighted in user menu

Helix TeamHub supports ssh-rsa, ssh-ed25519 and ecdsa keys. You can add multiple public keys by naming them differently.

Updated on: 19 December 2017